Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Episode 540: I'm In Print!

Did okay for my French test. Could've been better for the composition, but that was my fault for losing track of time. Anyway, 'Summer Heat' got rejected again! It's funny how editors seem to like what it's doing with the whole footnotes thing, but that also becomes the reason why they don't want to publish it. (Could George Ttoouli be right about them after all? Cue crisis regarding my artistic choices.) I've sent it off to another magazine, whose manifesto suggests that if anyone would be willing to publish something where the footnotes are as lengthy as the main story, it's them. Fingers crossed. I'm getting used to the rejections now, I think, even if each e-mail is like being slapped in the face gently and told, 'Not good enough to play with the real writers yet.' It's probably the case, and after some rejection e-mails, I've looked at what I sent in and thought to myself, you know what, they're right and this stuff really belongs in the juvenilia that surfaces after I'm dead and buried. I have recently sent out some stuff that I think is really among my best work though, said opinion being affirmed by (relatively) unbiased independent parties, so if even that gets turned down, I won't know what to think anymore. The new issue of The 6S Review did come out today though, so I'm actually in print. Tempted to buy a physical copy, but that would be just succumbing to vanity, since I can read my fellow writers just as well in the PDF file.

Today was spent getting ready to travel, involving changing currency, buying a few of my favourite cheap baseball t-shirts from Topman (although I still refuse to venture into orange or yellow despite now owning pale pink, red and deep purple), and picking up suede cleaner for my Diesel shoes. Am in two minds about whether to wear them on holiday, for like nights out and stuff. They're pretty sweet, but I'm not sure I want to risk them getting too dirty in clubs and such. (Yes, I've pretty much reconciled myself to clubbing with a bunch of people I've only known for a couple of days. At least once in the 24-day tour anyway.) Ate dinner by myself at NoodleBar because I had a sudden craving for something Chinese and artery-clogging. Oh yeah, I also got a haircut. The thing about me and haircuts, is that I always try to convince myself that I'm going to go without one for ages to grow my hair out really long, but then I get annoyed within three weeks and head back for a trim. On the whole though, I do think I look better with short hair, if only because my hair's naturally very dry and stiff, so growing it out just looks awful.

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