Thursday, March 25, 2010

Episode 549: ¡Hola!

Another long drive between Lyon and Barcelona today. My Korean roommate is gone, so no more awkward, abortive attempts at communication. It makes me sound like a horrible person, but he would definitely have worn out my patience by the end of the trip if we'd been roommates all the way. Had the room all to myself in Lyon, but it looks like I've got a new roommate now. We stopped at the Pont du Gard along the way, which is a Roman aqueduct, an inspiring sight that I thought was going to inspire today's poem, until I saw La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. The story behind that is worth capturing in a poem, I think. The guy who designed it never got the chance to complete it because he apparently got hit by a tram. As it's never received official endorsement by the Catalonian government, there's no steady funding to finish it, which is a shame because from what can be seen of the original design, it'd have been a pretty damn impressive structure. Another architect is working to complete it now, but it's almost certainly not happening for another couple of decades. I'm not sure what the poem is going to be about though. I've banged out the first couple of lines in my N95 as usual, but I'm going to have to think about it some more before it'll make sense. Not going to happen tonight though because I'm only just back from a pub crawl that ended in a huge club by the seaside, Shôko. We had a queue jump basically, which was pretty awesome. Damn, I need to make more clubbing friends when I get back to Singapore.

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Dan said...

The best commentary on La Sagrada Familia was from Orwell, who said that the Catalonian anarchists should have blown it up in 1936, when they had the chance.