Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Episode 547: The Swiss Experience

We took a cable car to the top of Mount Pilatus, which was an interesting experience. The temperature dipped, naturally, so for a brief period, it was a little like being back in Coventry again, just with far better scenery, so I've got some nice pictures out of that. I'm in Switzerland, so of course I had to buy some chocolate! Got myself a few packs of Lindt, which I'm going to enjoy probably only when I get back to Coventry, just to console myself while I'm writing my non-fiction portfolio that life post-holiday isn't utter crap. (Have decided it's pretty much impossible to get that done during the holiday itself, as managing one poem per day already feels like an enormous mental feat! It's fortunate my non-fiction ideas are stuff I can comfortably dash off a few thousand breezy words about.) Didn't buy stuff like Swiss army knives or watches because the kind I want would basically shoot my bank balance to hell and I have no need for them in the first place anyway. We're in a club called The Loff now, and it looks like the night's going to get pretty messy. Think Ke$ha, but with less of the deliberate posturing. I think it's hilarious that after I tweeted about this night, @jerricklim, @thatessencerare, @wisevice all replied pretty much instantly. Don't worry you lot, I'm still keeping it classy on a night out, just like you'd expect!

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