Thursday, March 04, 2010

Episode 528: Ecopoetry

After writing that poem George gave us as homework after today's seminar, I've decided that ecopoetry isn't really my thing. I applaud its aims, but I just can't write it myself. I've given it a go, and I think the end result is fairly musical, but I can't see myself doing it regularly. The irony, of course, is that this attempt is comparatively closer to the style of poetry I would like to write. Or one of them anyway. I just don't want to write about ecological themes! Sent four different edits to escarp because the original change I made was passable, but they wanted to explore better alternatives if at all possible. Who'd have thought trying to get a haiku published would be so nerve-wracking? I was also going to write a poem about Sleeping Beauty in advance for next week's EN273 seminar, but I can't decide on the beginning for it. I'm trying to go for something slightly voyeuristic, as the conventionally 'suppressed' element of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale is that she gets raped by the prince and gives birth to two children that her mother-in-law wants to feast upon. You've got to love unsanitised fairy tales! Who needs the Disney versions?

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