Sunday, March 21, 2010

Episode 545: Moulin Rouge!

I've decided that any sympathy I have for my roommate's communication difficulties has been erased by his inconsiderate behaviour. I know it's awful to resort to stereotypes, but he's so typical of the Asian nouveaux riches. To illustrate: He took a shower and then came back into the room naked, carrying on a conversation like it was entirely normal. He also left the entire bathroom floor wet! The ultimate clincher, although this is a personal bias of mine, is that his luggage is LV, which to me is the ultimate in crass luxury. I really hope I'm not roommates with him when we get to Lucerne. Spent the afternoon exploring central Paris. Didn't actually pay to go inside anything other than the Eiffel Tower, where I climbed up as far as the stairs went and then took the lift to the summit. Tried my French on one of the metro staff and it was understood! So I spent the rest of the afternoon taking the obligatory photographs: the Arc de Triomphe, Notre-Dame, the Louvre. Was too skint to pay to go into any though, so no, I have not seen La Joconde. She's apparently not much to look at anyway. We ended the night with a trip to Moulin Rouge, which was a fantastic cabaret! The food wasn't too bad either, with dessert being particularly delectable. The performances were stunning, especially the interstitial acts. Awesome juggling and ventriloquism! Definitely worth €137. Finished up in O'Sullivan's, a pub just down the road from Moulin Rouge. It's nice to know that cheesy dance music is the same across the world, e.g. Rihanna. Had two Mojitos, which cost me €22, but damn, these were proper ones and delicious. Should wake up fine tomorrow, since it's only just rum!

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