Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Episode 548: Retour À La France

I guess I've never thought seriously about the implications of how Switzerland's society is structured. Imagine the signs completely changing languages when you cross into a different canton. That's what happened when we went from Lucerne to Geneva. German gave way to French. It must be quite strange for people who come from countries where there's only one dominant language. The Swiss have taken the whole multilingual thing further than us in Singapore though, since I think it's safe to say that practically their entire population is at least bilingual, something that remains largely a theoretical outcome in Singapore. (Among my close friends, I'm one of the few people I know who's actually functionally multilingual after all those years of mother tongue classes and hours at the MOELC.) Wandered about the city for a bit with Troy because we decided that a kebab shop wasn't really where we wanted to have lunch in Geneva. I completely forgot that Gaby lives in Geneva, or I'd have contacted her somehow and told her to come find me in the city centre. That'd have been awesome! Drove on to Lyon, which is apparently the gastronomic capital of France. I had a nice onion soup, but was less impressed with my main course of bream. The fish was a bit too tough for my liking. So now here I am, taking advantage of free WiFi, rather than paying through the nose for Internet access. Probably going to head to bed once I finish up the poem, since we have a 7.45 am start tomorrow for the long drive to Barcelona!

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