Saturday, March 06, 2010

Episode 530: Post-production Party!

Missed the afternoon TEDx session despite having bought a ticket because I was in a Warwick Skills Certificate session. So that's £3 wasted. At least this module was the most interesting out of the three that I've attended, so that makes up for it, just a little. The assignments are really easy, and we completed one of them during the session itself, so if I wanted, I could probably finish it all by Monday. I think it's really time to devote some myself to the essay on Keats and Rossetti though, now that I've got an introductory sentence or two in place. It's always the beginning that's hard for me. However convoluted the subsequent argument, as long as it's been set up properly by the end of the first paragraph, it always goes fine in the end. Or so says previous experience up to this point. Anyway, since I wasn't at TEDx, I made it to the post-production party on time. We scribbled on each other's t-shirts (I'm quite horrified that I failed to get the dialect pun that Huabin wrote on mine until someone said it out loud) and screened a recording of the musical (twice), which I've actually got on DVD now, so if anyone wants to relive one of my rare moments of artistic triumph, you know how to get hold of me. escarp also published my haiku today, and I like the concept of a Twitter-based journal, if only because it means there's somewhere I can send off haikus to. Haha!

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