Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Episode 527: A Single Man

Spent the first part of the afternoon working on a poem for tomorrow, and because I got lazy and couldn't figure out what story to tell using it, I decided to parody Frost's 'Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening'. Again. Also banged out the first couple of paragraphs of the non-fiction piece for Maureen Freely on my N95, which I'll probably need to rewrite when it comes to turning it into a full-length piece, just because the opening sounds a bit too caustic right now. Spent the rest of the time before band practice watching A Single Man with Dan. I loved it! Colin Firth was simply brilliant, as was Julianne Moore. Nicholas Hoult was a bit creepy at first, but it's nice to see him moving on from Skins to other things. (His American accent actually managed to surprise me.) I was less impressed by Jon Kortajarena. Striking, as you would expect for one of the top international male models of the moment, but he's going to have to lose that Spanish accent to avoid being typecast. The cinematography was excellent, making brilliant use of palette variations in a way that is sorely lacking in most films today. I was actually really impressed by Tom Ford's direction and the sheer aesthetic gorgeousness of the film, although I completely didn't see the ending coming and it was literally heartbreaking. Dan thinks that Colin Firth's character didn't deserve it, but I thought it was kind of poetic. Make that really poetic.

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