Thursday, March 18, 2010

Episode 542: Dove Release Launch

Isn't it ironic that I fret about not being good enough, and then when an editor finally gives a sign that I am, I worry that they've made a mistake by letting me through the door, even if at least one of the poems they took I definitely regard as being of publishable standard? It seems I am, like so many writers, my own worst critic, impossible to please. I've recently started sending fiction out as well in addition to poetry, and I'm pleased to report that one of my short stories has just been accepted by Foundling Review! Had an assistant editor e-mail back with paperwork that I had to initial and send back, all very official and exciting. It'll probably come out while I'm on holiday, so if I can't get Internet access during my trip, I'll post up a link when I get back in mid-April. Was at the launch of Dove Release earlier, where there were a lot of amazing readings, including a brilliant one by George Ttoouli and Simon Turner, involving homophonic translations of one of Turner's poems that'd been fed through Google Translate. (You had to be there to appreciate the hilarity of it all.) Best moment of the night for me though was when Peter Blegvad played his song about the Côte d'Azur at the end. You know something? I've just realised that I'm actually in Nice and Monaco for a couple of days, so depending on when he's there, there's a very slim chance I might bump into him overseas. That would be pretty surreal.

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