Friday, March 05, 2010

Episode 529: Breakthrough

Finally penned down the first two sentences of my essay! 88 words in total. I think this could be the start of something beautiful! If you think about it, I just need to write about three to four paragraphs each day over the next week, and the essay will actually get itself down. (When you break the work down like that, it's truly shocking how long it takes me to get it done. It's only 3500 words!) Awesome EN273 seminar today, discovering the gruesome origins of Sleeping Beauty. I really do like fairy tales and how there are so many variations on a single plot. It's one of the things I remember best from primary school, how there was one series of lessons that was all about reading different versions of fairy tales. Come to think of it, we were reading some pretty violent versions of Cinderella that I'm sure wouldn't be allowed in primary schools in Singapore these days. (Must ask Shirley about this.) Had a minor debate with myself when I got home as to whether I should attend Jemma's house party. Was having a headache and probably need the sleep that I won't be getting over the weekend. Ended up going, although while walking to her place from the bottom of the Parade, I did wonder for a while if I was lost. (I wasn't.) Took a taxi back and arrived home around 1.30 am, much earlier than I'd expected. Looks like I'll be getting some sleep after all...

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