Saturday, February 13, 2010

Episode 509: Digging & Chung Ying

Had been dreading today's lesson, but it went far better than expected and I actually felt useful. Did hit a snag at the start when I couldn't find the class though. Went to the classroom on Westwood Campus, but finding no one there, I obviously headed to the site of the dig. Only problem was that having arrived in the vicinity of Cryfield, I proceeded to take a wrong turn onto the playing fields rather than farmland. Eventually found everyone, and did some surveying work before breaking for lunch. The wind was freezing, otherwise the experience would have been far more pleasant! Switched to digging after lunch with a classmate, making a small extension to the main trench that the others had dug before lunch. It was tiring work, but interesting as well, in the sense that it's the sort of thing I'd never be able to do outside of this course. Was a bit concerned that I wouldn't make it to the dinner in Birmingham on time, but I got a lift home, so that saved me some time. The dinner itself was a typical Singaporean affair, i.e. it offered the comfort of familiarity. Most random moment of the evening was when the lion dance troupe came through, and it was completely composed of Caucasians. Second most random moment was when one of the waiters went about the room, exhorting all of us to move our bodies and get dancing like he was doing to Flo Rida's 'Low'. It was simultaneously hilarious and profoundly disturbing. Of course, we had to end the night with some excitement, which took the form of racing to catch the last train back to Coventry. It did stop at Canley though, which saved me and my housemates having to wait for the oh-so-reliable 12 in the cold.

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