Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Episode 499: The Importance Of Being Honest

Aside from a few minor technical gaffes (which suggested the dinner songs are definitely jinxed), the musical was quite the success, if I may say so. So proud of everyone for putting on a good show! The whole thing seemed to go by in a flash compared to rehearsals. Couldn't watch most of it because we were staying backstage to avoid crowding the wings, but there were speakers all around, so we could still hear the soloists and the applause. Feel like getting involved in more theatre stuff now. There's auditions coming up for the Shakespeare Society's radio play version of As You Like It, which I'm really, really tempted to sign up for. Met most of my friends who'd come to see the performance at the Terrace Bar, which does a lovely Mojito. Finally, a place to get cocktails on campus! (I'm not actually sure if there was anywhere else that did them before this. I suppose there was and I was just not cool enough to know.) All in all, I'm glad the musical's over and that the audience enjoyed it. It was surprising how the audience really took to the love triangle aspect of the ending, since to me, when you read the scene on the page, it's the ambivalence of Cynthia that seems more prominent, given that the love triangle is something that could have been eliminated entirely from the production by changing background music and tonal nuances. Well, if any of the juniors wants to write a sequel, at least they've already got a plot point in place!

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