Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Episode 505: My Aw-shucks Moment

What a hectic day it's been. By my standards anyway. French was not very challenging, although I thought my accent while reading today was very good indeed. Finally know what Neil Lazarus looks like because I went to get my tutors' feedback for Term 1. It was very flattering, especially George Ttoouli's comments. I mean, I'm not a problem student, but I wasn't anticipating such praise. I think it had something to do with being mature, good at adapting contemporary forms for my purposes, and possessing moral acuity. Oh George, I never knew you felt that way about my writing! Maybe I will write a 'great novel' after all, and not just my moneymaking science fiction series. If it ever happens, I'll put you down in the dedications. (This also means I'll be devastated if he thinks 'The Triptych Papers' is utter rubbish. Fingers crossed, yeah?) I'm glad Neil understands that some people just don't feel the need to talk a lot during seminars and that it's not an indication of incomprehension. Had a long discussion about this via SMS with Christopher, with both of us concluding that ironically, we found discussions back in RJC more, well, intellectually stimulating. I suppose the problem is, when you think about it, rather a chicken-and-egg issue. Your contribution can help to raise the level of discussion, but would you be bothered if the discussion wasn't engaging you in the first place? (Note to self: Say something tomorrow in the seminar before the tutor prompts you politely.) AdHoc meeting and band practice in church, followed by freezing in the cold as two full buses went past. Thank God there was a third, or else what little is left of my faith in Coventry's public transport would have been destroyed. Latest episode of House is brilliant by the way, proving this season to be quite strong for a sixth.

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