Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Episode 506: Just Thought You Should Know, I Ate Two Meals Today!

I didn't say anything in class today. I had an interesting idea, which I shared with Dan later in Curiositea, but there wasn't really an opening for me to bring it up in class. Not terribly bothered anyway. Was going to audition for As You Like It, but the slots were completely taken up and I'm not that keen, so I came home instead. I finally got around to writing my curse and blessing poems in the evening, and I sort of cheated. I've written them as two irregular sonnets, which are syntactically identical but have key words changed to reflect the different attitude towards Time in each sonnet. I was feeling pretentious, so bits of the sonnets are in Latin, which I'm fairly certain is grammatically accurate. Hey, the poem might be rubbish, but at least the Latin was an impressive effort. (I keep saying I want to teach myself Latin, but this summer, I'm actually going to get started on it. For real.) Was going to get cracking on the poem about the Annunciation for EN273 on Friday, but I got lazy, so all I've got is the opening line: 'These days, she would have been famous.' Am still slightly annoyed with myself for getting the date wrong and not realising my next Archaeology class is this Saturday. I think it's fascinating, but it requires about two weeks of mental preparation before I can handle being in a class where practically everyone is at least two decades older than me (if not more) and also apparently knows what the hell is going on far more than I do. Sigh.

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