Thursday, February 11, 2010

Episode 507: Two Poems In An Hour!

Wrote the two poems for tomorrow's seminar between classes today. I think the results are passable. The poem about the Annunciation is decent enough, while the one about the temptation of Saint Anthony could have turned out better, but will do for something to e-mail to the rest of the class. Could have gone out tonight, to two separate social events in fact, but was so completely knackered by the time I got home that I held out for a few hours before taking a nap. Was going to read Maupin's Maybe The Moon, but I guess that's not going to happen now. Only just woke up, so now I'm watching Underworld: Evolution. I hear they're making a fourth film in this series, and in slavish adherence to the latest trend in Hollywood, it's going to be in 3D. I suppose all those Hollywood types are really banking on big franchises to entrench 3D films in Joe Public's consciousness. I'm still sceptical and think it's just one more fad whose novelty will eventually wear off. Anyway, can someone explain why there seems to be this need in popular culture for vampires and werewolves to feature alongside each other? To my knowledge, Anne Rice's vampire novels are the only ones to not do this, although witches arguably are substituted for werewolves in her later novels and her sister, Alice Borchardt, actually wrote about werewolves. Maybe I should have suggested this for discussion in EN273? Haha...

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