Sunday, February 21, 2010

Episode 517: L'Oréal Hydra Energetic

Was tempted to give the morning service a miss and attend the evening one instead, having come back past midnight following a couple of drinks after Measure For Measure. Then again, if I'd done that, I'd most likely have reasoned that I was too tired and it was too cold to attend the evening service, so I'd have ended up not attending that either. Anyway, in Varsity after the service, I saw a L'Oréal commercial for some cream to combat eyebags. What was most intriguing though, was that the celebrity endorsing it was Matthew Fox, who plays Jack on Lost (which you may or may not know I've stopped watching until the whole series has ended later this year), so I thought to myself, if he's man enough to (pretend to) use that, it totally makes it okay for me to do likewise. (I know, stunning display of rational economic behaviour right there.) I actually found the product in Boots after doing the usual grocery run at Tesco and bought it. I also had my fear of aging thoroughly awakened by the extensive product range on the shelves. There goes my confidence in my youthful good looks! (Who am I kidding?)

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