Friday, February 26, 2010

Episode 522: Kasbah Redux

So I'm back from another night at Kasbah, and have to be up in another four hours or so for the second session of the Warwick Skills Certificate module later this morning. I am tempted to forego sleep altogether, but intellectually, I recognise that even getting just four hours will be immensely helpful for staying awake throughout a day in which I will not get back home again till around 11 pm. Kasbah was okay, although there was this weird guy who was either trying to hit on me, or hit on my friends via getting friendly with me, by telling me that one of his grandparents was Chinese. Well, hoo-bloody-ray for him. I must have missed the memo that says ethnicity automatically gives you a free pass. Anyway, I didn't manage to finish reading the two chapters from The Art Of Political Murder that Maureen Freely handed out during the seminar, but what I've read so far has been fascinating. Still no progress with regard to the Keats/Rossetti essay, although I think I'm fumbling my way towards some sort of breakthrough. I have no problems with 'Goblin Market', since as Emma Mason mentioned in the lecture, that poem is so odd you can make pretty much anything stick to it, and since she was High Church Anglican, my idea about religion and sensuality is on the right track. The problem is that I instinctively sense that 'The Eve Of St. Agnes' is similarly entangled in the two, but I can't articulate how precisely, at least not in a way that allows meaningful discussion alongside 'Goblin Market'. Two more weeks to figure it out!

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