Thursday, December 02, 2010

Episode 801: Bitten The Bullet!

So after weeks of vacillating on what exactly my creative project was going to be, including deciding on something and then undeciding within days, I went in to see Carol Rutter today and finally committed to an idea. Reassuringly, she seemed to think it was worth exploring, although it does mean that now I'm probably going to spend the whole of the Christmas break reading the various comedies, or at least their endings. I'm basically riffing off what I saw on the second night of The King Lear Project, which was a production about rehearsing 'problem scenes' in King Lear. I'm almost certainly going to be able only to have time to write about one of the comedies' problematic ending, so I have to pick one pretty soon. She suggested Measure For Measure as one of the plays particularly worth exploring, and I've seen a production of that before, so I agree that it definitely leaves a lot hanging, even for a Shakespearean comedy. Between this and my PWP, it looks like this is turning out to be a Christmas holiday when I actually have to do work!

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