Thursday, December 30, 2010

Episode 829: Reorganisation

Did some reading today for a Week 3 seminar. Scottish poetry! Liked some of it, found some of it almost incomprehensible because it was in Scots rather than Standard English. Didn't write any new poems today, though I've decided that my planned structure of 10 sets of three poems is unnecessarily restrictive. It was forcing me to pick out characters to fit into this arrangement, but these weren't characters that I felt I could write about in interesting ways. So now I've still got 30 poems planned out, but they're no longer grouped strictly. That means I'm free to expand 'The Daughters Of Lot', although I intend to make that a two-parter rather than splitting each daughter off into a separate poem. I've even got one poem that's on its own, and given the overall arc of the sequence, I think there's a case to be made for that. Of course, analysing my own work is fairly meaningless, outside of the accompanying commentary, unless other people can pick up on the echoes and patterns I've structured into the sequence as a whole. To be fair though, one would have to be fairly acquainted with the Bible to fully appreciate these recent poems, so I feel really lucky to be working with Michael Hulse this time because I know he'll pick up on the things I'm doing with my source material.

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