Saturday, December 04, 2010

Episode 803: Christmas Dinner!

Have begun looking at the Lazy Gramophone website, and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to read through work by all the 48 artists before writing my review. To be honest, I'm guessing that's probably way more effort than my editor actually expects. I just feel like I should do the site justice by going through it all. Had already started on the first featured artist (I'm going in alphabetical order), but I had to leave for the annual Singapore Society Christmas Dinner. Was the only third-year Singaporean there apart from Keegan, but it was nice to talk to some of the second-year people again. I don't think I've actually been to any sort of Singaporean Society event this year so far, and I think the only Singaporean I've spoken to for any sort of extended time this term has been Bella, and then only because we went to see a couple of productions together. Anyway, getting to where the dinner was being held was pretty interesting. I had to walk along Stoneleigh Road, in complete darkness where the road wasn't lit and no cars happened to drive by. Exciting times! Was going to do it again on the way back, this time probably in utter darkness because I wouldn't have expected many cars to be passing by then, but ended up snagging a place on the bus back to campus. Now watching the season finale of Merlin, and Morgana is still being pantomime-evil. It's actually really annoying.

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