Monday, December 13, 2010

Episode 812: Back (Briefly!)

Journey back from Barcelona was uneventful, although I am quite sleep-deprived after the past couple of days. I suppose it'll just merge with my impending jet lag? Quite excited to be back for Christmas, especially since a couple of people from JC days will be back too! Can't wait to meet up. Anyway, I got back much earlier than expected, so I had plenty of time to catch up on my TV shows, most of which are going into their winter hiatus anyway. The pace of Fringe in last week's episode felt curiously slack, like the wider storyline didn't seem to move forward at all, and all this just when things were starting to get interesting with the alternate universe. On the other hand, I thought The Vampire Diaries found itself in a very good place mid-season. The plot twists happen just as frequently here as on Gossip Girl, but the backstabbing tends to be a bit more believable, and with the supernatural setting, there's more leeway anyway. I've kind of watched all of the shows though, so now I don't know what to do to stay awake for a few more hours until I can do my online check-in. I'm too tired to read (and I don't have anything mindless to flip through, which is all I can handle at the moment), and I don't feel like watching anything else on my laptop, so I guess I could just play some random game on my iPhone? Or take a nap and set an alarm for a couple of hours from now? Such weighty decisions...

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