Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Episode 820: Creative Procrastination

I've finished reading Vol. 2 of I'm Afraid of Everyone, so all that's left is to write the review. While I won't say that all of the work particularly drew me, there wasn't anything that I found bad either. So coupled with the interesting things being done with design and typography, it's a positive review that I'm going to be writing this time. I really should have finished it this afternoon, but as usual, I was putting things off. Except this time, I did it by doing other things that in theory, I suppose, needed to be done at some point, but it certainly didn't have to be today. For example, I read a bit of Murakami's after the quake, which is on the reading list for EN236 next term. I'm enjoying it, in case you were wondering about that. Murakami's one of those authors I'm almost 100% certain I'll like, which paradoxically means that I've never made an especial effort to spend time reading his output. Then I read through a submission for Eunoia Review, accepting two out of the three poems sent in. (On a separate note, I may have some new European poetry coming to me in translation in the future, thanks to a contact made through the journal, so that would be fairly exciting to publish if and when work gets sent to me.) To cap things off, I tinkered with NetworkedBlogs on Facebook, so now the daily posts at Eunoia Review have begun showing up in my news feed, which hopefully brings in more new readers. I'm secretly curious as to how my site traffic breaks down, as on some days, there'll be a sudden spike in views, and then things go quiet for a week or so. WordPress's site statistics give me a vague idea of which posts people are clicking through to, so in some cases, it's quite clear that it's simply friends of the contributor browsing the journal.

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