Monday, December 06, 2010

Episode 805: Pretty Much Done For The Term...

Just finished reading Doctor Faustus, the A-text anyway. Not going to bother with Macbeth! So after grumbling about the review yesterday, I came home after my lecture and forced myself to finish it. That I did, between eating dinner and rewatching No Reservations. Multitasking is like my forte or something. The review ended up being the complete reverse of what I'd planned, in that I got the negative stuff out of the way first, before going on to dissect a couple of pieces that I particularly enjoyed. I'm quite pleased with my analysis of Sam Rawling's 'Hung', at the very least. So with the review out of the way, I'm basically done for the term. (Technically, I have another review due in for Evolve Journal, but seeing as I haven't even decided what I'm reviewing, I don't think I'll worry about it until I'm back in Singapore.) Now it's Barcelona, then home for Christmas, where I'll probably spend most of my time not doing work, even though I really can't afford to this time if I'm to avoid falling drastically behind on everything. Such is life.

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