Thursday, December 23, 2010

Episode 822: Good Question

So the number of visits to the journal today suggests that the upward climb of visitors over the past two days was a random fluctuation, probably prompted by contributors' friends being directed to it. Oh well. On a related note, was chatting with one of my editors and he asked me if I would go with a Singaporean or a British publisher when I come out with my first collection. I'll admit that the question kind of threw me for a second. I mean, I've thought about eventually putting one together and going around knocking, and without wanting to sound like a complete twat about it, it's actually something a tutor has mentioned before as being conceivable, given my writing. I guess I haven't really been treating it as something that realistically could happen though. I'm hardly the Keats of my generation now, am I? (By which I mean neither tubercular nor capable of producing something like the odes.) For anyone who actually cares about my hypothetical future writing career, which in all likelihood is going to die an early death because of a teacher's workload, the answer's British. Not because I'm snubbing my home country, but well, let's just say I have a hunch that I'll find it easier to get readers by going down that route. I still wouldn't say no to putting out work through a local publisher though, and who knows how the local arts scene might evolve in the next couple of years? Then there's the whole manner of not actually being resident in the UK after 2012 at the latest, so how would that even work out in practice, publishing in the UK? Here's an even better question though. Why am I worrying about all these things when I haven't even revised the first three poems for my PWP? Or written anything for my Shakespeare creative project? Why am I still feeling so calm about this lack of productivity?

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