Sunday, December 26, 2010

Episode 825: Finally Back To Working On My PWP!

Have finally begun revising the first three poems for my PWP that I showed to Michael Hulse before the end of term. Will only manage 'Cain' tonight I think, as I want to see the Doctor Who Christmas special before going to bed. I feel like I've mostly managed to relax the language into something that sounds more contemporary, but re-reading 'Abel', it looks like that poem's going to require a complete rewrite in order to even begin to work. I suppose it doesn't help that the thoughts expressed in it are so far from being orthodox, even after taking into account the almost completely hypothetical nature of my whole PWP, I can see why my writing sounds forced. It's one thing to take a troublesome aspect of the scriptures and deliberately push it to certain conclusions. It's quite another to attempt to manufacture something mildly controversial, just for the sake of being contrary. Looking at the Seth poem, it also needs work, although not quite as drastic as for 'Abel'. It's more of losing the rhetorical questions that also don't really build to a meaningful finish. I've got my work cut out for me. Hopefully, the next two sets of poems should be easier to write, so that I can show Michael at least nine at the start of next term.

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