Friday, December 31, 2010

Episode 830: 5/30

I suppose it's usual for people to make resolutions in their New Year's Eve posts. I don't have a habit of that though, and I'm not about to start this year. Thing is, I figure if you're going to make positive changes in your life, you can start at any time, right? How long can the symbolic rush if a New Year's resolution keep you going anyway, realistically speaking? Speaking of the end of the year, the online sales are so tempting! Would've bought a suit from Ted Baker at a 50% discount, but Claudia and Vaish pointed out that a 100% wool suit would be far too warm for a place like Singapore, so I've pretty much given up on the idea, especially since I can apparently get one tailor-made for less. Still eyeing a wallet that's on sale though, just that I'm unwilling to pay £4.50 for shipping. A bit silly, I'll admit, given that the wallet already costs £35. Oh well. Will give it a couple more days, and if it's still available, I'll get it. Have also finished the revision of 'The Daughters Of Lot' into a full two-part poem, so I might start on 'The Concubine From Bethlehem' tomorrow. That one's going to be grisly...

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