Saturday, December 25, 2010

Episode 824: An Uneventful Christmas

Not that that's bad, mind you. Discovered a site that converts YouTube videos directly to MP3s. All you have to do is type in the link, click, and it spits out the MP3. I'm probably being far too impressed by this, but it's just so incredibly convenient. Over the past couple of days, have started reading Antic Fables by A. P. Riemer and A Better Angel by Chris Adrian. The former is subtitled 'Patterns Of Evasions In Shakespeare's Comedies', so that basically tells you why I'm reading it. It seems like I have managed to find a book that is entirely relevant to what I want to explore in my creative project, so that's actually quite exciting. On the other hand, I'm interested in Adrian's writing because of his association with the McSweeney's brand. He's published two novels before this short story collection, Gob's Grief and The Children's Hospital, but I thought it made more sense to get a feel for his stuff before getting stuck into something as sprawling as The Children's Hospital, even if it is lauded. To be perfectly truthful, I don't think I even have time to read something that long in the days I've got left in Singapore! Not if I want to actually get work done. I've been using jet lag, then Christmas, as excuses for not having done work, but it's Boxing Day tomorrow and I'm finding it hard to maintain the illusion that there's still loads of time.

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