Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Episode 806: Christmas Slam!

So didn't want to go in for my EN301 seminar this morning, but I did. Was a couple of minutes late because I caught the wrong bus, but the seminar was pretty fun. Then I was supposed to do another experiment for DR@W, but that had been cancelled, so I decided to just go home and bum around until the AdHoc Christmas slam. I thought the slam went quite well anyway. We sold some cupcakes, at the very least! I should probably stop buying pitchers of Blue Lagoon at Kelsey's though. I'm starting to realise that I don't actually like the taste that much. One glass is fine, but after that, it feels like I'm drinking lemonade that tastes just a little bit off, which is either from the Malibu, the vodka, or a combination of the two. Incidentally, how good was the Gossip Girl mid-season finale? I thought it was pretty surprising. I'd figured the full revelation of the Ben/Juliet back story was going to be a bit boring, but wow, I completely didn't expect the actual reveal. It was a brilliant way to go into the mid-season hiatus, although if Blair and Dan don't end up sleeping together over the holiday season, I'm going to be really disappointed. I mean, they're literally the last remaining heterosexual, non-incestuous pairing available that hasn't actually been explored on the show yet. Right?

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