Sunday, December 12, 2010

Episode 811: La Sagrada Família & Montserrat

Revisited La Sagrada Família today, only this time I actually paid to go inside. It's architecturally very fascinating, I feel, and it's recently been consecrated as a minor basilica because of its scale and artistic merit. The interior actually feels kind of futuristic, completely not what you'd associate with cathedrals. Then we headed out of the city by train to Montserrat. Religious/spiritual locales that have turned into tourist attractions as well always fascinate me. I will admit that I found Montserrat somewhat underwhelming as far as scenery was concerned, but then again, the views of Barcelona from above aren't really impressive in the day, in my opinion. Paris is a lot better for that. I would've liked to have attended Mass today though, just for the ritual solemnity of it. Sadly, the timings didn't work out at La Sagrada Família or Montserrat. Randomly, by the way, I'm somewhat amused that MasterCard flagged the transaction I made at the souvenir shop in Montserrat. (Audrey, that's your keychain for your birthday!) It was just under $6! I spent over $1000 on my flight and they didn't call up my parents then! Oh well. Incidentally, my poems are finally up at the new site for The Cadaverine. Check them out here. It's kind of like an early Christmas present, as I've been waiting quite a while since these were accepted. I think they're pretty decent work, so why not spare a couple of minutes and have a look?

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