Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Episode 827: Running Out Of Books To Buy?

Met up with Ben Woon, caught up over lunch and bitched a little. We spent a few hours after that browsing Kinokuniya and Borders, but I came away with far less books than usual. Partly because I'm running out of things I want to buy, partly because I feel that there's no point paying extra when I can get them off The Book Depository for a lot less, with free shipping to boot. Ended up buying some volumes of local poetry and Vintage Contemporaries editions of Dave Eggers's A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius and How We Are Hungry, since those are American editions and will cost more on The Book Depository anyway. Am thinking I should save my money for paying a visit to BooksActually. If I'm going to pay more for books, I'd rather the money go to an independent bookstore like Kenny and Karen's than some big corporation! Haven't had time today to finish reading a play or writing a poem, but I've started re-reading The Taming Of The Shrew and I have an idea for how to structure this next poem about the daughters of Lot. Will have to make sure to get a draft written tomorrow.

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