Friday, December 03, 2010

Episode 802: Bookcase Is Back!

So this afternoon, I finally went over to my old place and brought my bookcase back. It's now reassembled and teetering beside my bed, so if you stop hearing from me, assume that I was crushed by something you wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen reading (like a China Miéville novel) and mourn my passing by cracking open a book. It also means that pretty much the first thing I'll see every morning from now on when I wake up is five shelves of (mostly) unread books. I'm sure it's going to be immensely motivational, even if the Norton Shakespeare isn't exactly at eye level even when I'm lying down. Have randomly sent off a round of submissions for no other reason than that I was trying to avoid doing work and I had a bunch of poems that I thought were good enough. Definitely spent more time on this than I had to, especially given that I've got another literary website to review for Sabotage Reviews and two unread plays for next Tuesday's seminar. I'm thinking that I'll try to read at least Macbeth over the weekend, but I'm not terribly fussed, given that it will be Week 10 and who actually does work then unless they've got a deadline to meet?

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