Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Episode 828: At Last, A Brand New PWP Poem!

Have hammered out a first draft of 'The Daughters Of Lot'. It turned into a bit of a structural game, this poem, although I'm wondering if 15 lines per daughter is quite enough to convey the hypothetical motivations I'm ascribing to them. Maybe I need to be more flexible about aiming for 30 30-line poems? Probably won't worry too much about that right now, need to focus on finishing the next two in this set of three. The target I'm setting myself right now is to have at least nine poems to show Michael Hulse in Week 1. I reckon it's entirely possible. If I look at the rather comprehensive rewrites I did a few days ago more as first drafts, then I'd say it's not been horribly difficult getting them out. For comparison, the sequence I put together during my Contiki trip over Easter break accumulated at the rate of one per day, including my usual redrafting on-the-go, and that turned out to be reasonably decent work. I can pull it off again, right? It's not like I began with terribly grand ambitions for this sequence anyway, like reclaiming female characters from a patriarchal text or something equally highfalutin. I just wanted to write about something that mattered to me, which also didn't strike me as being a particularly popular topic among twentysomething poets. Well, that and I figured 30 poems about the vagaries of human relationships à la my 'usual' poetry would've been rather tedious. Plus I'm running out of metaphors. Quantum physics was really pushing it.

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