Sunday, January 02, 2011

Episode 832: Next Bulk Purchase - Ted Dekker?

Went to Mel's house for tea and to get Vaish's belated Christmas present from her brother. It's a 2011 calendar with cartoons from The New Yorker, which I'm probably going to bring back with me to the UK next Sunday. (That said, I never even used that 2009 calendar full of bridge problems.) Ended up missing service because I couldn't get back in time, so I went to the library at Bishan to wait for my family. Despite having plays to read, I still couldn't resist borrowing a couple of Ted Dekker books when I came across them. I've read some of his novels in the past, namely the first three volumes of The Circle Series, and I'm thinking of buying all of novels eventually, so this is really just to see if I like his other work. Will be reading Adam and The BoneMan's Daughter, am thinking of staying up all night to finish the former because after just a couple of chapters, I'm hooked. It's a real page-turner, as publisher's blurbs are fond of boasting in their lavish praise. I will make it a point to finish re-reading The Taming Of The Shrew tomorrow though. Have been dragging my feet on reading through the comedies for far too long, even if I have a vague idea about how I want my short play to open and could probably lay down some dialogue right now. Then there's still all that unfinished French homework. Urgh...

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