Thursday, January 06, 2011

Episode 836: Differing Rates Of Progress

Haven't written the draft yet that I mentioned yesterday, but I'm aiming to have it done before I get back to the UK, even if I have to write it during my flight! I feel like my PWP is progressing at an acceptable pace, but my Shakespeare creative project has kind of stalled. I finished re-reading The Taming Of The Shrew, and I've also read The Comedy Of Errors, so now I've moved on to Love's Labour's Lost. I'm definitely starting to notice patterns emerging, like how women get silenced in the final scene, or how the endings resolve themselves with promises of impending oral explanations, so really, I could probably write a really solid essay instead of doing a creative project, which everyone seems to be saying won't do as well as an essay. I've calculated, and I can afford to get a mixture of Firsts and high 2:1s in my modules this year, and still maintain a First overall, so I'm still not too bothered. Frankly, if I just put in more effort for LL252, I'd probably be more than fine in the end. What I really need to do now is start writing lines for the play!

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