Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Episode 855: No Work On Tuesdays!

Am repeating last week's experience with regard to watching TV, which basically means I'm never ever getting any sort of sustained work done on Tuesdays as long as my TV shows are airing new episodes. (Not that I mind terribly!) I did manage to finish my French comprehension while watching an episode of Shameless, so the day hasn't been a total wash. Also made £20 from that DR@W experiment, which was the maximum possible for this one. I'd definitely like to think that the majority of my choices in the experiment were rational in economic terms, and believe me, there was some really odd decision-making going on with the other participants, producing decidedly suboptimal outcomes for themselves. Went straight from that to get my tutors' feedback for last term from Michael Gardiner, which was almost uniformly positive, so much so that I was labelled a 'golden boy' for the first (and probably last) time in my life. Only caveat came from a comment that I was slow to speak up in seminars, which I get every year. Seriously. Mr Purvis said as much in my JC testimonial, although it was phrased as a positive trait in that. I don't mind so much. If I really had something I wanted to say, I'd say it. Eventually.

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