Monday, January 03, 2011

Episode 833: First Prize!

Received a pleasant surprise this morning when I checked my e-mail. I sent in some pantoums for a competition organised by Indigo Rising Magazine sometime before Christmas. I've just been informed that one of them has won the first prize of $10 and a free copy of the upcoming Issue VII, in which 'Consequences' will be published on the first page. No word as yet in the e-mail on how either is going to get to me, though it's still a bit exciting because it's the first time I've ever got money for a poem. The closest was placing second in that NUS competition, for which I got vouchers, if I remember correctly. I'm actually slightly surprised that out of 'Caged', 'Higher Education' and 'Consequences', it was the last that won, especially when the editor said that it was an easy choice for the winner. I've always thought 'Caged' is by far the best pantoum I've written so far. Oh well. Maybe I'll bring the magazine to show Michael Hulse when it arrives. Anyway, I made a bit of an effort and finished half of my French homework this afternoon. I could probably finish it all in one night next week, so by doing it now, in a way I'm just avoiding working on my PWP, aren't I? Must start drafting a new poem tomorrow!

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