Monday, January 24, 2011

Episode 854: Sponsorship Application Open!

So the application for Masters sponsorship is officially open, and I've got exactly one month to get it all done, printed and posted to MOE. Got off to a good start by completing the attached CV template, but now I've got to get my references and personal statement done. I was pleasantly surprised at not having to attend an interview though! Wasn't expecting that. All that time spent on the CV means that I haven't read Troilus And Cressida though, which was my original reason for going to the Library. I've thought of an idea for my creative project for mirroring the beginning and ending of the play, but I'm going to talk to Tom Cornford about it after tomorrow's seminar, in case he thinks it's just pointlessly pretentious. Then I need to spend some time doing work (like that French comprehension) before the DR@W experiment at 2 pm, which I'm only doing because it's £5 just for showing up, with the promise of more. Am completely behind on my reading again, so I might stay on campus after that, just to force myself to get it done. I mean, my most successful attempt at reading a Shakespearean play in one sitting was that afternoon last term when I just sat in the Library and went through the whole of Titus Andronicus.

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