Saturday, January 22, 2011

Episode 852: Student Weekend Away Day 2

After this afternoon's walk, I think I may have seen more of Uttoxeter Rural than I care to for the rest of my life. Not that it was a bad walk or anything, despite the pub Google Maps promised turning out to be an illusion. I'm just a thoroughbred urbanite. I quite like the countryside, it must be said, seeing as how there's not actually a lot of it in Singapore! (Let's not even get started on categories like beautiful/picturesque/sublime.) I just get bored quite quickly by scenery sometimes. Took my camera out on the walk, but didn't end up snapping a single picture. Oh well. Now kind of wish I'd stayed inside and read a book instead. Still, the evening talk afterwards was great, a good chance to just take in God's presence. Played a game of The Settlers Of Catan after that, which was really funny because I won completely by stealth. Definitely my favourite strategy, keeping quiet. That's twice I've done it now to Phil and Sam in a game, I think. Of course, to be perfectly honest, this way of winning relies more on dumb luck than actual skill, so I wouldn't recommend counting on it.

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