Sunday, January 16, 2011

Episode 846: Poetry Is The Opposite Of Money (Or Is It?)

So a couple of days ago, I found out that Poetry Quarterly accepted one of my poems out of a batch of five that I sent in. It's only the second time I've tried, and Duotrope's Digest suggests that for a change I'm getting an acceptance from a market that rejects a greater proportion than it accepts. Not that I'm snobbish about things like that, but I am rather competitive at times. Anyway, the editor just sent an e-mail to the contributors informing us that we have the choice of a $2 PayPal payment or a $4 coupon for buying the print edition of the issue we'll be appearing in. I'd say it's a no-brainer really! The Fall issue will be available for viewing online anyway, so maybe I'll get a screenshot of my poem or something, since I don't think you can download the electronic edition. It's just exciting, getting paid for a poem, even if it's just a token sum. I will say that I'm quite surprised by the choice of poem though. Out of the batch of five, 'Subject: Love' definitely wasn't the one I thought would make the cut. Then again, this was the poem that Quarterly Literary Review Singapore considered for publication, together with 'Vignettes', and although they were ultimately rejected, both poems have found a home elsewhere. (The Cadaverine took 'Vignettes'.) All in all, this $2 was a pleasant way to start the week!

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