Sunday, January 23, 2011

Episode 853: Student Weekend Away Day 3

Am actually exhausted after the weekend! No, it's nothing to do with Jonny's snoring keeping me awake, though it sounded pretty scary. It's just that breakfast has been at 8 am and I haven't gone to bed before 1 am the past two nights. Definitely going to bed earlier tonight! Was actually hoping to read Troilus And Cressida, and maybe even an article or two on Measure For Measure, but I think all that's going to be put on hold. Maybe just a couple of scenes at the most? The introduction, at the very least. Also really need to finish reading that book I'm meant to be reviewing. Traffic to Eunoia Review spiked over the weekend, having dipped as I predicted once the series of Len Kuntz's flashes finished. I think the spike now is probably thanks to R. L. Greenfield's poetry. Speaking of the journal, I accepted a couple of pieces for it over the past few days. The most recent is a six-part short story, each part having at least one epigraph. Now I've got nothing against epigraphs, but it frustrates me when they're misquotations. The most bizarre example was for a set of song lyrics, which I put into Google because I was trying to make up my mind about how to format them for display, only to discover that the lyrics were all pretty much wrong. No idea how that could've happened, but as usual, I silently emended everything that I regarded as being necessary, including some poor usage of commas that were impeding clarity. Anyway, with the latest batch of acceptances, the journal now has entries lined up to be posted pretty much through till its sixth month of existence!

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