Monday, January 10, 2011

Episode 840: Need To Catch Up On My Reading (As Always)

Heathrow immigration was surprisingly efficient this morning, so I paid £10.55 to amend my National Express coach ticket to an earlier timing. Otherwise, I'd have had to wait for over two hours at the Central Bus Station! This way, I made it home, unpacked everything, and still had time to get ready for the EN301 lecture that I was initially going to skip. Glad I didn't though, since Carol Rutter's lectures are always interesting. Tom Cornford's suggested a couple of books for me to take a look at to give my Shakespeare creative project more theoretical underpinning, so I'm going to check that out tomorrow in the Library after the seminar. Really want to get a move on with it! Have just finished Love's Labour's Lost and started on A Chaste Maid In Cheapside, but I'm too sleepy to finish the latter. Got through 20 pages so far out of 72, which is pretty decent, and I'm enjoying Middleton's bawdiness. I won't be prepared for the seminar tomorrow morning at all, but I'm going to plead jet lag, and I'll finish reading the play in the afternoon. Still have to read Dambudzo Marechera's Mindblast for Thursday, so I might do well to attempt to get through all of that tomorrow as well, seeing as Tuesday is the day when I'm entirely unoccupied from noon onwards.

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