Saturday, January 08, 2011

Episode 838: Last-minute Industry!

Met Claudia for lunch and discovered that my monthly starting pay is potentially up to $500 more than what I'd expected it to be. I'm going to be one well-dressed teacher in a couple of years! (Definitely should get that Ted Baker shirt then.) The NIE timetable sounds way more taxing than what I've got at university right now, and NIE is rather far away from where I live. Sigh. Some things just can't be helped, I guess. Incidentally, I've never realised just how touristy some parts of Chinatown are! It actually feels a bit weird, being a local and walking through those couple of streets, knowing that a stone's throw away, Singaporeans are bustling through places like People's Park Complex, doing practical things like shopping for fabric. Anyway, in a burst of effort intended to avoid having to actually write during my flight as opposed to watching movies I would otherwise never pay for on the ground, I've finished the draft for another poem. Had to change the ending from what I'd planned for, but it was really just one line that didn't have to be written that way in the first place, apart from my being obsessed with patterns in the whole sequence I'm creating. Too fixated on that for my own good, in all likelihood. Next up: four poems for the four wives Jacob had!

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