Friday, January 14, 2011

Episode 844: An Unbirthday Bar Crawl

It's an indication of how predictable the bar crawl circuit along the Parade is that I kept spotting the same strangers as the night progressed. Incidentally, as someone who doesn't tend to take his drinks neat, can I just say that one of the things I'm going to miss about the UK is the abundance of cheap cocktails, relative to Singapore. I had a cocktail for £2.50, so at the current exchange rate, that's about $5. You can't buy anything to drink with $5 in a Singaporean bar/club, I don't think. Maybe bottled water, but anything alcoholic, almost certainly not. So anyway, Lucy's unbirthday bar crawl was pretty fun, and making it through four separate venues, was probably one of the more extensive ones I've been on. Had an idea earlier in the day for another story for my EN236 portfolio, but after thinking about it, realised that the central conceit wasn't actually logical. Oh well. So much for that. I haven't actually tried rewriting the story I had workshopped last term, and I was intending to expand that to twice its length, which would be enough for the portfolio. Don't know for sure if I can double it though, so I was thinking it might be good to have another shorter piece to put in as well.

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