Thursday, January 20, 2011

Episode 850: tapfactory Issue 8 Launch

Another launch this evening, this time for Issue 8 of tapfactory. Read out a couple of my poems ('Ekphrasis' and 'Adequacy'), and this was after Sam Mackley-Ward told me he liked my poems, which I think was a very nice thing for him to say. This issue, incidentally, is printed on very good (i.e. heavy) paper. It's got a really lovely cover too, so everyone who can should go onto campus and buy one. Stocks are very limited! I've also finally begun reading Kevin Cook's biography of Titanic Thompson, which I'm reviewing for The Cadaverine. My editor's right about it being an easier read than the last book I was assigned, which was the Raban anthology. Not that that was bad, just very thick! Review's due in less than two weeks, but it's 500 words, so I should be fine. Have also pretty much completed my background research for my Shakespeare creative project. By which I mean that I've trawled Google Scholar, but haven't actually read all the articles yet. I'm starting to feel more optimistic about my project, although it would really help if I could get access to a copy of Philip C. McGuire's Speechless Dialect: Shakespeare's Open Silences. It's the only book that Tom Cornford's recommended that the Library doesn't have a copy of. Unfortunately, it also seems to be the most germane to the central problem of stage interpretation that I'm interested in!

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