Saturday, January 15, 2011

Episode 845: Baby Faces & Body Horror

Forgot to mention that last night, I was asked for ID by a bartender at The Jug & Jester whom I swear was almost certainly younger than me. Oh, the irony. I know I look younger than 23, but this was ridiculous. I suppose I'll be singing a completely different tune when I turn 30. By then, if my face hasn't caught up with my age, I'll probably be extremely pleased with my genetics. Then again, looking baby-faced probably isn't a good thing in my future profession. My older colleagues won't take me seriously in school, will they? Might have to grow a beard or something. Anyway, I've basically been bumming the entire day, watching the first of eight episodes of Happy Town and eXistenZ. (This was after waking up past noon, which is okay, since I only went to bed at like 4 am.) I can totally see just from that first episode why Happy Town was such a short-lived series. Not that it's bad. It's just not the kind of non-threatening fare that would appeal to advertisers' dream demographic, which is what seems more important these days than the show itself. eXistenZ was kind of like that as well. David Cronenberg's well-known for his work in the body horror genre, and yeah, the game pods make for some pretty gross scenes. I thought the execution of the whole game-within-game-within-reality construct was a bit clumsy and too transparent. By which I mean, to some extent, that admittedly I'd prefer a slick Hollywood product like The Matrix or Inception.

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