Friday, January 07, 2011

Episode 837: Finished My French Homework!

Louise just sent me a PDF for the book we're meant to read for our first EN236 seminar with China Miéville, so that's probably what I'm going to be reading on the flight back now. The Ballard books I bought before leaving the UK have been trickling in over the holidays, with two large batches arriving in the past couple of days. Amazingly though, there are still some that have yet to arrive, and I'm heading back in just over 48 hours. Yeah, I know, the snow and all. Still, it's atrocious. Randomly, I've been listening to the new Take That album, Progress, i.e. the one with Robbie Williams in it again after 15 years. I actually really like it. The electronic sounds aren't quite as shamelessly used for the sake of sounding up-to-date as they were on Backstreet Boys' most recent album, This Is Us. (See the single 'Straight Through My Heart' for a catchy example of what I mean. RedOne's production is fun to listen to, but it's become ubiquitous. It's like Timbaland all over again.) So I suppose even boy bands can change their stripes. Sort of. Robbie Williams also put out another greatest hits album, and I didn't even notice. It's pretty massive, 59 tracks if you get the deluxe edition from iTunes. Should be enough to cover the whole journey from Heathrow back to Leamington on Monday, yeah? Right, now for about 40 pages of Love's Labour's Lost before bed.

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