Saturday, January 29, 2011

Episode 859: China Court

I'd originally intended to head down earlier to trawl the Oxfam shops, but they're all too far away from the Birmingham New Street station, so I didn't bother in the end. Instead, I spent the afternoon finishing up a story to send around for the fiction meeting, although that doesn't look like it's actually going to happen after all. Got ready for the Chinese New Year dinner just in time to catch the X17 to Coventry to meet Jerrick and Jasmine. (Randomly, the sales assistant at the shop in the station was surprisingly friendly.) Didn't actually do much in Birmingham when we got there, just walked around for a bit. We were fashionably late for the dinner itself, which turned out to be a somewhat underwhelming experience. It wasn't like the food was bad or anything, pretty average on the whole. The service at China Court was quite bad though, I thought. The dishes were pretty much rushed out one after the other, so towards the end of the dinner, there wasn't really a lot to do except wait for the coach back to campus. Grabbed a couple of books from the Library (totally did not know that the loan limit for finalists has gone up to 20 books) and came home to the last bit of Alex's belated birthday do. Arrived at the house just as a couple of people were leaving it!

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