Friday, January 21, 2011

Episode 851: Student Weekend Away Day 1

Am in the middle of the civil parish of Uttoxeter Rural for the student weekend away. We're actually staying at Smallwood Manor, which used to be a boarding school. There are plaques and stuff going back to 1945. The place is now a day school, and the accommodation is let out on the weekends to groups coming here on retreat or planning a visit to Alton Towers. The most extraordinary thing about the place is how maze-like its system of staircases and rooms is. It's crazy, but kind of fun too, bumbling about and not knowing where you're meant to be headed. Anyway, I made it halfway through the ride to Smallwood Manor from church before realising that the one thing I'd forgotten to pack was my towel. Looks like I'll have to use my t-shirt instead. Or not shower at all, but that's a bit too disgusting. That said, I didn't shower on the last weekend away. That was because we had like one shower and it was in a different building! We'll see, I guess. I hope the shower's heating works though. It would be quite painful to have to shower in cold water, which incidentally, has been happening for the past couple of days at home. For me, anyway. Maybe I'm just hopping into the shower after all the hot water's been used up?

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