Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Episode 1381: Hope For Humanity?

Actual reply I got from a self-professed Christian in an online forum, in response to my suggestion that Matthew 22:36-40 and racist comments don't go well together: 'I don't need to go read the scriptures. I live by them.' No wonder we get accused of hypocrisy. Note to self for future reference: Internet forums are full of people who wouldn't recognise logic even if it were shoved down their throats. Type at your own peril. Coupled with the breaking news that Jonathan Wong, the MOE ex-scholar previously charged for possession of child pornography, is now back before the court for having sex with a minor, it's enough to make anyone lose their faith in humanity. Fortunately, I wasn't just in the Library to agonise over how humanity seems to be on a downward spiral, but to try and get some reviewing done. Was aiming for two, which is still possible, but the one I managed to get in the bag was Phil Jourdan's Praise Of Motherhood. Read that a couple of months ago, but kept putting off getting around to writing the review. Glad I finally did though. Not sure if Phil himself thinks of it that way, but Praise Of Motherhood seems to me to reflect a great generosity of spirit, and if I may be permitted to invoke an Internet cliché, that gives me hope.

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