Friday, July 20, 2012

Episode 1397: It's Been A Pretty Good Day...

I know book reviewers are a dime a dozen these days, thanks to the Internet, but I still find it weirdly cool that there are people out there who know my name and that I review books. Anyway, Rum & Reviews Magazine have just published my review of Ryan Frawley's Scar, and Ryan tweeted that I was the first reviewer to pick up on the House Of Leaves connection. Score! I always knew reading that brick of a book would pay off someday. They've also put up a review of Roger Real Drouin's No Other Way, which was a book offered to me in my capacity as editor of Eunoia Review that I then pitched to Craig for reviewing. I got a lovely parcel in the post today as well, David R. Morgan's New Man Newman from Like This Press. It's part of their book-in-a-box series, and I got the wooden collector's edition, which is pretty cool. If I'm not wrong, mine's also the first box of the 30 that have been made! Managed to get a bit more work done before going to the Opaque Nature gig at Kasbah with Takoiya, so I am in fact still on track to finish the introduction by tomorrow (or Sunday at the latest). The gig was great and the band have got an album out too, which you can pick up here. I love how their live performances sound pretty much like what you hear on the album, right down to all the tinkly electronic stuff that Matt does.

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